I have to give some really bad news. We are in the biggest trouble that we’ve ever been in. We have nothing and nowhere to turn….

There are vets sending us daily messages begging us to settle the bills or at least pay some. They can’t pay suppliers or treat or carry on treating our dogs. Some won’t allow our dogs to leave without at least settling some of the bills. One clinic will withdraw their daily support at one of the shelters. The dogs have nothing and no supervision if they don’t go. They’re stranded there if we don’t settle some of the bills.

We are literally falling apart. The monthly outgoings for the charity are £23000 and that’s without vet bills.
Someone I told this to recently was taken aback.

We can’t do boosters, buy flea tick and worm treatments (lifesaving treatments as warmer weather sets in and ticks surface.) Work at the rescue centre stopped completely. We can’t buy 110 drinking bowls for one of the shelters. We can’t give the shelter in Brasov something so basic as a toilet. We couldn’t buy dog houses in the winter.

Basically, we can’t even carry on giving the dogs the basics. They don’t deserve it. As if they didn’t suffer enough before we took them, for them to potentially have to go through it again.

When I started this charity 6 years I was full of optimism. I thought I could change the world for thousands of dogs in Romania. I see new me’s emerging all the time thinking they are made of special stuff and celebrities are bound to help once they see the suffering over there. Sorry but that’s not the case. We tried everything over the years and approached the big names, but it’s just another sad situation amongst millions of others that they see.

At times we’ve been taken for a ride, led to believe people have won the lottery even. I remember the lady in the North West well. She told us she’d won the lottery and promised so much money. We had no reason not to believe it (naive as I was at the time.) on the back of it we saved hundreds of dogs. We didn’t see one penny and neither did she, as she lied. It took us over two years to settle the vet bills for all of those dogs.

We’ve lost volunteers in recent times and others at the forefront of funds are set to leave, because it’s too stressful. I’ve lost my health and I guess I’ll have to be the last man standing. If you start something it’s not like you can’t finish it, whatever way it ends.

And each day all I see is hundreds of dogs faces who are relying on us. They have no idea that as quickly as they arrived, they are in big trouble again. I’m telling it as it is because I’ve got nothing to lose. There will be trolls who will take delight at writing negative things on this post. The answer is yes we took too many dogs, yes we thought we could save the world, yes we thought we could do this forever and pull it off. And we did well by the dogs for a long time and we made lots of people happy with their dog family members. But at the end of it all there will just be me and I did everything I could and I love all the dogs and I always will and to them I’m sorry they are in this situation, all doe eyed and hopeful and oblivious to this situation.

I always thought we could do it. Now we will have such worried volunteers over there when they see this post. They depend on their wages too. In reality we are one of or actually the biggest rescue in Romania, with the most dogs, but we’re drowning and it’s so sad as there has always been such potential. We’re drowning because we tried to protect each dog we took by sending them to a clinic first to stay in quarantine. In fact we have a bill for £3500 for 5 puppies who stayed in clinic to keep safe (this isn’t the norm though). That’s just 5 dogs and we have over 900.

One thing that has helped us to keep our support over the years is our commitment and dedication I’m sure and also if I say anything it’s from the heart. I wear it on my sleeve. Not always helpful but that’s the way I’m made. I believe in the truth and if I say we are perfect and everything is wonderful then that goes against what I am. It’s no long ago we were on TV in our hayday! I thought we’d made it.

I’m going to ask for the biggest support ever. I can’t say it will change much, not when vet bills are outstanding at £52000, but let’s see what we can do together.

I really hope you can all donate something however small. Please help if you can and please share and I’m sorry to be calling on you.

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Thank you as always.