Age:  1 year    Size: Medium Location: Bagshot, Surrey

Martina has not long arrived in the UK from Romania. She is a loving and friendly dog, confident and outgoing. 

She is a typical energetic and playful young lady. She loves cuddles and attention and play, particularly tug games. 

She gets on well with everyone, including children and other dogs. 

No lead reactivity, aggression, resource guarding or destructive chewing. 

No issues with regards to toilet training and she sleeps through the night. 

Martina walks well on a harness and lead, but pulls when she sees squirrels or cats, or picks up any strong scents so will need further lead training. Martina is very smart and should be easy to train as very food orientated. She will need boundaries and ongoing obedience training, including recall as she is still so young.

She is rather fearful of noise from household appliances eg. vacuum cleaner but just needs time to get desensitised. Martina will need an active home. She currently gets at least 2 hours of walks a day and some play time on top.

She would be ok as the only dog or with another older dog. No cats or small furry animals though. 

She would be absolutely great with children over 5 years old as she tends to jump on people to get attention. This is improving though. 

Martina is an absolute delight and is ready for her new family to find her. She’s a beautiful girl with a gentle soul and anyone would be lucky to have her in their life. She even loves the postman and binman!