DOB: Feb 2017   Size : Small   Location: Truro, Cornwall

Alana has not long arrived in the UK from Romania.

Alana would very much suit an quiet household, potentially a retired couple. 

We would not look to home Alana with young children as she is quite nervous and may hide away. She has shown absolutely no aggression in her fear.

Alana is friendly, undemanding, wants a safe little place and an owner to call her own. 

Alana is a little softy, who’s currently best friends with her current foster carers teenager. She wants someone who is all hers, and she can be all theirs.

Although Alana is timid, she does love going out on walks, going into town on the bus. She’s happy as long as she is with you.

Alana can get bullied by other more dominant dogs and prefers to stay out of their way so she may be suited to be an only dog as long as she has lots of human company. Brilliant on and off the lead, she does not go far from her human.

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