Annika (WH)


DOB: 15.5.2018             Size: Small

Annika has had a very difficult start to life and is looking for a very experienced owner to offer her a forever home, Annika will need to be placed in a home with a friendly resident dog as she is very shy.

The story of Annika and the group of dogs that are in the same yard with her is that an old lady with empathy for animals took from the streets 4 dogs and she took care of them for a few years but she never thought to spay them, this year when she was not at home for several days a dog entered in their yard and 2 female dogs later gave birth to 9 puppies. The old lady had to leave for germany to take care of her newborn grandson and she won’t comeback anymore.

They asked for our help with the 9 puppies and the 4 adults and we agreed to keep them in their original yard until we finish vaccinations and they pay a neighbour to feed them and give them water. The other neighbours around are not animal lovers and they want them gone, the yards in that area are quite tiny and the houses are very close one to another and they find the smell not pleasant because nobody will clean regularly the yard now, is not good for the dogs and the puppies to stay for long not socialized for which we ask for your help and understand the urgency of this case.


For anyone interested of any of the puppies or the adults, please click on the ADOPT button below.