Patsy is almost 18 months old and currently being fostered in Norfolk. She is a smashing young girl .She is very active, fun loving and most happy with other dogs for company.

She weighs approx 14.5kg and is a leggy girl being quite tall .

She is extremely affectionate and has been used to having people around most of the time, so would take time to adjust to being left at home.

She is extremely clever and loves to be doing things so would thrive best in a home where she will be mentally stimulated. She has excellent attention skills and is very motivated by food.

She seems to get on best with dogs of a similar size to her (medium). She has lots of energy and can get very excited like most young dogs .

Patsy cannot live with cats as she finds them too exciting. She would love a family who can keep her busy and continue training and working with her .

If you’d like to adopt Patsy please click the ADOPT button or send a message via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.