DOB: Jun 2017  Size: Small  Location: Truro

Sylvia has not long arrived in UK foster care from Romania.

Sylvia has a strong personality but has settled within a pack of dogs in her foster home. 

Sylvia can be homed with other dogs but we would advise against homing with a very nervous or dominant dog unless owners experienced. 

She is great on lead. Has been off the lead. Recall needs work but she stays with the group. 

Very very affectionate, must have lots of cuddles and stroking. Sylvia would be unhappy left alone with no dog or human but could be an only dog if the human is around for her. 

Sylvia wants an active home where she can be stretched. She is very clever, fit and very switched on. 

Sylvia is a fabulous eye-catching dog. Everyone loves her and is drawn to her.

Sylvia is a complete sweetheart and if you’re looking for a dog that would adore you, this is her.

If you’d like to adopt Sylvia please click the link below and fill in our online enquiry form.