Mara (Negruta) and Dory (Labradorea)

Meg (previously Negruta) DOB: 20/08/2011 Size: 15kg (small/medium)   Location: York

Dory (previously Labradorea) DOB: 11/02/2014 Size: 28kg (large)   Location: York


Meg and Dory recently arrived in the UK from Romania. These two girls are the best of friends and have helped each other survive their struggles. They need to be home together.

Meg and Dory are a bit nervous and support each other through their anxiety. 

They are lovely souls who just aren’t sure who to trust yet. They would need to be the only dogs in the household, and need a nice calm and quiet home where they can potter about together. For this reason, it would be in their interest not to be homed with any children.

Meg and Dory are very sweet girls who would like a home where they can do their own thing and have their own wee safe space.

If you’d like to adopt Meg and Dory please click the link below and fill in our online enquiry form.