Betsy (Witzi)

DOB: Aug 2018   Size: Medium   Location: Plymouth

Size: Small/Medium

Betsy arrived in the UK from Romania on Christmas Eve 2018 and settled in very well.

Betsy (was Witzi) is 11 months old, she is a loving dog and likes to please. She likes being fussed and rolling on her back for tummy rubs. 
In the evening she has her position on the sofa and likes being near her humans. She would often curl up beside them for a cuddle.

Betsy loves food and this has worked well for her training and working on her recall. She has been working on building her confidence with other dogs as she can be a little nervous at first. Once she knows a dog and after an initial meeting she gets on well and likes to play. She is not a fan of overly excited dogs as she likes her space and this can be intimidating. 

Betsy does not like noisy roads as loud cars and motorbikes can give her a fright. This has improved a lot as distraction techniques using treats has helped her but does need to continue.

At the moment Betsy goes to work with her foster family, and she happily sleeps under a desk. She likes to be on watch to see who is coming and doesn’t like some delivery people that turn up. She is also ok to be left at home.

Betsy is crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night as she loves her little den.


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