DOB: approx 8 yrs  Weight: 12kg   Location: South Shropshire

Little Mara was found, crippled, in Romania. Her front legs had obviously been broken earlier in her life, and as a result she could only move a few steps and was suffering in the freezing temperatures. Specialists said it wasn’t possible to mend her legs, and so she was brought to the UK as an emergency foster.

Once in the UK, warm and with good food, she made good progress. Mara now enjoys very short walks, although sometimes get too ambitious and has to have frequent rests! Her back is getting less hunched, her front legs are becoming stronger and she has put on some weight. However, she is unlikely to become any more mobile.

Mara is always cheerful, and seeks out affection all the time. She gets on fine with other dogs, and has been good with visiting children. 

As her disability limits her physically, she loves a lot of attention. Mara enjoys it when there are visitors, so she could be an only dog if her owner was at home all the time, or she could live with other dogs and/or children, providing they are old enough to understand her physical limitations. 

Her foster carer says, “Mara is a marvel! She is housetrained, doesn’t chew and never complains. She is so rewarding to be with, and really enjoys the massages I have been giving her back and legs. She deserves a special home – she is so brave.”