Charlie (brindle)

DOB: Jun 2016   Size: Medium   Location: York

Charlie has come to the UK from Romania looking for his happily ever after.

He is currently fostered in kennels with other dogs who he loves to play with. He absolutely loves other dogs and plays beautifully with all of them. He has struck up a great friendship with another dog called Eleanor (who we also have for adoption).
We would like Charlie to go to a home where he would have another dog for company.

Charlie is very clean in his kennel and doesn’t chew. 

He has turned in to a proper foodie and will sell his soul for a treat. 
At bedtime, when they all get treats, as soon as he hears the treat bin rattle he flies off to his kennel and stands at the door waiting for his turn.

Charlie is a beautiful, gentle, loving and loyal companion. If you are looking for a best friend forever, this is him. 

Charlie has so much love to give and nothing we could write here would do him any justice. 

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please click “Adopt” below.