Isla is a UK born Romanian dog. Her mum, saved from the streets, went into labour when she arrived in the UK – Isla was one of the two pups who survived the ordeal.

Isla has had 2 failed adoptions. She was adopted around 10 weeks old but developed cataracts on her eyes which caused total blindness and her adopters were unable to cope with her adjusting to life. Adopted again, her wariness of the big wide world once again wedged its self between Isla and her happy ending. 

Isla has now had surgery: as she is adjusting to life with vision she needs someone who is around a lot of the time and willing to continue her care. She needs an experienced adopter who will be firm but fair and keep her progress moving forward: she needs lots of exercise and keeping stimulated.

She is a strong active girl who is good with other dogs. She would like another dog to live with, but could be an only dog if she isn’t left alone. She can be nervous, including with larger breed dogs and is noise sensitive.  If you can help Isla through this time of transition then please get in touch.