Matisse urgently needs to find his forever home. He is currently in emergency foster(South Wales). Matisse is fluffy, cuddly and adorable. He is around 2-3 years old.  Matisse loves to run about and he really loves to play. He is a very happy little chap. He is very good with other dogs and MUST have another dog he can play with in his new home. He has been cat tested and was good. If you have some experience of rescue dogs and understanding of dog behaviour then he really is a very easy dog. He is doing very well in his current rural location, has met new dogs when on a loose long line and been absolutely fine. Like many Romanian dogs he can be a bit nervous of strangers at first but has been good once he’s been introduced properly. He is very interested in the cows next door (although he would probably chase them given half a chance). He responds well to kindness and once he knows and trusts you he is so affectionate and loyal. He is an intelligent dog and a quick learner but will require renewed lead and recall training with a new owner, so a secure garden is vital.  He would love to run around in a large secure field. He looks like he may be a kind of Corgi cross which may explain some of his personality traits. If he gets very excited when he’s getting a fuss he sometimes will mouth, which has been misunderstood in the past, but he is simply playing, If he has another playful dog he probably won’t do this anyway but it’s best to be a home without small children just in case. Matisse is currently in South Wales.

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